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MBE Worldwide

Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza is the world's largest, single night rope bondage exhibit (now in its eighth year). The event takes place each year in Toronto during Nuit Blanche (an annual all-night art festival), attracting thousands of visitors in the neighbourhood. In the last two years the event has expanded to include two additional locations in North America: Orlando, Florida & San Francisco, California (with plans to add a 4th location in 2015).

MBE is proud to bring hundreds of performers together from all over the world for one sleepless night of rope bondage. A live video feed of the 12 hour event is broadcast free online at MBEworlwide.com In 2013, the live feed logged over 70,000 individual views while approximately 5,000 people walked through the Toronto event space. During this 12 hour broadcast, viewers can witness over 250 individual performances happening non-stop at each venue.

MBE 2014

Our theme last year "A Formal Affair"


Toronto, Ontario

Orlando, Florida The Woodshed

The Woodshed Orlando is an education driven BDSM play space that has won 6 international awards and received one honorable mention. The Woodshed is a travel destination with more than 4,700 local, national and international members. The Woodshed is celebrating over 7 years of supporting the community as the local play space and the educational hub of the Southeast with seminars and classes every weekend of the year. The majority of the all volunteer staff of The Woodshed are BDSM educators in their own right and travel the Southeast US and nationwide educating fellow practitioners of our art.

San Francisco, California The Armoury

Kink University's mission is to improve the world's accessibility to learning fun, safe, and effective skills related to consensual kink and other aspects of sensuality. In addition to downloadable tutorials and live-streamed online classes, KinkUniversity.com also hosts hands-on workshops in the historic Armory in San Francisco, home of Kink.com studios. KU blends the best qualities of all available methodologies for BDSM learning: video (with high production values, close-up, POV, virtual reality, and slow motion capabilities), and local or remote live workshops with interactive training.